Hi everyone, today I am bringing to you guys a skin care post because taking care of your skin is the most important part of any beauty regime. We all know how important it is to remove makeup before sleeping, but lets be real, as much as we love putting on makeup, we hate it when it comes to cleaning it off.

For those lazy days, I believe makeup wipes come in really handy. I have tried and tested several wipes but so far I really like this one by Garnier. I have used the face wash from this line and really liked it ( you can read my review here), so I thought of giving these wipes a go, and needless to say, I was not disappointed.

Garnier SkinActive wipes


They come in a pack of 25 thick and quilted wipes that work wonders for oily to combination skin types. An active ingredient in these wipes is salicylic acid that helps in drying up acne, hence, makes this line suitable for people with acne prone skin. It also has an antibacterial agent and a cleansing technology which is effective in removing excess sebum and impurities, leaving the skin squeaky clean. The soft material of the wipes ensures that makeup is removed gently, without irritating the skin. Therefore, these are especially effective for people who experience blemishes and redness whenever anything harsh touches their skin. Moreover, the formula does not sting the eye or cause any burning sensation. I have not experienced any dryness, pimples, redness, oiliness or any other adverse reactions on the skin after using the Garnier SkinActive wipes.

The best part is that the wipes remove waterproof makeup from eyes and face like a breeze, without leaving any residue behind. The adhesive panel reseals easily and prevents the wipes from drying out for a long period of time, rendering the wipes moist and ready to use the next time.

These are available easily at any departmental store at very reasonable price of Rs350. I hope you found this review helpful and will give these a try.
I’ll see you next week with another review.

Have a good weekend 🙂